Project Description

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

YouTube-icon-full_colorZELDA Breath of the Wild – Piano Medley

My first ZELDA arrangement!  I made a piano medley for Breath of the Wild, which has a fantastic soundtrack with plenty of amazing music to choose from. I decided to include 3 of the champion’s themes as well as some other tunes. I also have an arrangement for a song by Kass, a bird minstrel playing songs on his accordion. Difficulty: Intermediate

A BIG thank you to girlycathy for transcribing this! She did a great job!

Song  Revalis’ Theme / Prince Sidon / Daruk’s Theme / Hyrule Castle / Mipha’s Theme / Kass’ Theme / Captured Memories

Composers Manaka Kataoka and Yasuaki Iwata

Arrangement ThePandaTooth

Song Kass’ Theme

Composers Manaka Kataoka and Yasuaki Iwata

Arrangement ThePandaTooth