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PATRON COVER: Kirby 64 – Above the Clouds

I've got another exclusive cover for you! Commissioned by Jacky Hernandez, this is my cover of "Beyond the Clouds" from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards! Enjoy.

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August 2016 Update

I've got some updates for the coming months! Please read on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/august-2016-6182081

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Panda’s Piano Jam #3 [17 July 2016]

My third livestream, and it was a rather spontaneous one! It includes a full version of "Howl's Moving Castle". Unfortunately the mic did not work so I didn't talk during that stream. I will next time!

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Merry Go-Round of Life [Patron Preview]

Here's a preview for a future video! This is "Merry Go-Round of Life" from Howl's Moving Castle, an often requested piece. I will eventually upload the whole song, but for you, my patrons I recorded the first half - with my new DSLR camera which you helped finance! This is my way of saying Thank You.

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Panda’s Piano Jam #2 [15 May 2016]

My second livestream, from May 15! This time with much better audio than last time. Included are The Lion King, another version of the Undertale medley, Steven Universe and more. Enjoy!

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Glass Animals – Gooey (exclusive cover)

A new cover for my patrons! This time, a song called Gooey by Glass Animals. A very hypnotic and soothing song, I learned this song a while ago but I thought it would be suitable for the patron lounge. Enjoy!

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Panda’s Piano Jam #1 [10 April 2016]

This was my first livestream, on April 10! Included are The Last of Us, Steven Universe (extended medley), Adventure Time (extended medley), some Undertale, a short Q&A and more. I'm not too happy with the audio, there's some audio glitching going on in loud parts. I will fix this until the next livestream!

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AnnenMayKantereit – Barfuss am Klavier [Patron Request]

A Patron named Tom requested this lovely german piano ballad, called "Barfuss am Klavier". It translates to "Barefoot on the Piano", really love this song and this band! Enjoy.    

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Sneak peak for Monday’s video!

I've got another collaboration coming up! It will be music from a game called "Firewatch", I will be collaborating with guitarist Callum McGaw. It will be posted on Sunday, but I already finished my piano part. You can listen to it exclusively here! Very minimal approach for this one. Listen to the MP3 here!

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Tom Odell – Another Love

Welcome to the lounge! Here's my first exclusive cover. I'm not sure how often I'll do these, I plan to do at least once a month. Enjoy.

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