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Gravity Falls

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Sigh… why did it have to end so soon? Regardless of its short runtime, Gravity Falls was a fantastic show, as funny as it was clever. I arranged the theme song – both the regular and the Weirdmageddon version – as well as the Season 1 Finale. The first has the main theme in a transposed version, in the second file it’s in the original key.

I have also made sheets for the last song from the series finale, “Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls”.

YouTube-icon-full_color Gravity Falls – Main Theme / Finale [Piano Cover] 

Songs Opening Theme (Cm version) / Finale

Composer Brad Breeck

Arrangement ThePandaTooth

YouTube-icon-full_color Gravity Falls – Opening Theme/Weirdmageddon [Piano Tutorial] 

Songs Opening Theme / Weirdmageddon

Composer Brad Breeck

Arrangement ThePandaTooth

YouTube-icon-full_color Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls – Piano // ThePandaTooth

Songs Saying Goodbye to Gravity Falls

Composer Brad Breeck

Arrangement ThePandaTooth